Katie is always smiling. She always seems to be in a great mood no matter what! Whenever Mallori has a problem it seems like Katie knows exactly what she should do. She seems pretty innocent though.   Mallori has to deal with her curse everyday while trying to maintain normal relationships. It's a lot harder than it looks. But she's managed to hook Travis so far so it's not all bad it seems!   Travis is Mallori's boyfriend and is happy he is. Once unsure of Mallori's curse he seems to have overcome it and likes the girl that is hidden behind it. He likes her very much!   Mr. Bun Bun is Mallori's new pet which she got from her curse. It doesn't make much sense how a toaster can be a pet but it's so adorable so who cares! Who said toaster were only good for toast?   Courtney is always looking for excitement and fun. She loves playing her guitar and that led her to find her current boyfriend Zack. Or perhaps something else led her to him?